The Secret To Making Profitable Contents

You have probably seen thousands of articles about revealing secrets behind making profit-making content. So, what sets this post apart from those articles? Tip: the secret being revealed here is not in the content itself. 

If you are an online content creator making less to no profit, you probably blame your content for this. Admit it or not, making new and unique content day after day is not an easy feat at all. Writer’s block is also a challenge you must face. How can you make your content stand out in a world dominated by billions of unique content?

Is it about showing up every day with bomb content? No, the problem is not with the content you make. If this is how you think, you will get burned out sooner or later. The pressure of making unique and standing out content will eat you. 

Content creators blame their work for not getting enough traffic and profit. But why would they? Is it the only way to invite more traffic? No. There are other factors affecting the number of traffic you are getting. 

As a content creator, how can you tell if your content is truly paying off? Given the time and resources required to create a new piece, how can you be sure you’re getting the profit you deserve? 

It is discouraging to see that the sweat, blood, tears, and probably a bunch of caffeine you put into your work did not get the attention it deserves. 

Ultimately, it all boils down to the things you do after publishing your content. How do you spend your time after hitting the “publish” button?

In a world where over 2 million blog posts are published daily, promotion is a critical piece of the marketing mystery that is both crucial and easy to get wrong. 

Yes, the secret lies behind the things you do after publishing. Sure, you know that promotion is vital. But are you doing it correctly?

Suppose you devote the majority of your time to promoting your content through the appropriate channels. In that case, you will inevitably get your pieces in front of more eyes, grow your number of readers, and save time trying to make new unique articles.

The Secret To Making Profitable Contents

What Is The Secret To Making Profitable Content?

By now, I hope you have stopped blaming yourself and your content for having little to no traffic and profit. If you have not, that is fine. The secret to making profitable content will be revealed below. Keep reading. 


Target the Appropriate Promotional Channels

You have plenty of options for promotion, say, social media. Regrettably, this also means that you have a lot of opportunities to waste your time on platforms that make no sense. The key here is choosing the right promotional channels. 

You should only use platforms that bring you closer to your target audience. Essentially, there is no correct answer to where you should distribute your content. Determine where your potential leads hang out and who will engage with your content. 

Say, if your target audience is hanging out frequently on a particular social media site, use that site to promote your content. It is true that having more promotional channels at a time can give you more opportunities. The loophole here is that you could be wasting your time on a channel that is not visited by your target audience. 

Promoting a channel without knowing the audience it has, as well as the audience you are aiming for, is a waste of time, energy, and resources. 


The more channels you attempt to dominate, the less time you will have to devote to intelligent marketing.

Are you aware that most people spend at least an hour a day on Facebook? If you are not, thanks to me, you are now aware. As a necessary consequence, it’s also the platform where the majority of your audience consumes content. As mentioned above, target the platform where your target audience hangs out the most. 

 Fortunately, posting on Facebook isn’t difficult. It is by far the most accessible social channel to use for content promotion. 


How To Use Facebook Posting As An Effective Promotion Tool?

Knowing how to post is not enough. You must know how to make an effective post. This segment will teach you how; hold tight! You are almost there.


Use a simple yet irresistible post format. 

Choose a relevant feature image that will catch your audience’s attention. It is a no-brainer that you must combine your posts with a one-of-a-kind caption to entice readers to click. 

Facebook is an easy marketing tool, meaning a lot of content makers like yourself use this platform too. That said, the competition is tough here. Your audience can see a lot of interesting content and promotions on Facebook, so make sure that you are using captions that are way too irresistible. 


Make sure to make relevant engagements. 

Furthermore, Facebook will make it easier for you to engage with your audience. Besides noting and responding to comments on your posts, you will know exactly what your audience is thinking, and you can ensure that your topics meet their needs. Positive feedback from your readers is conceivably the best indicator that your writing is on target.

Try to imagine yourself as an audience. How would you feel if a content maker you are supporting or about to support is replying to your comments? Isn’t it nice when someone answers your question?

Additionally, if people are engaging with your posts and you are engaging in return, there is a chance that your post will appear on mutual timelines. It is a way for you to keep your post on top. So, make sure to make meaningful engagements. It will benefit you in several ways. 


Use appropriate hashtags.

Even though hashtags can be an excellent way to get your content in front of new readers, they can also be easily overlooked. Try to use hashtags and see the results; if it brings you more engagements, you can keep using them. 


Final Thoughts 

All in all, you must work efficiently and intelligently. The problem is not with your content but with the things you do after publishing.