Convert My Website

We will convert up to 10 pages from Wordpress to Snapps or from Snapps to Wordpress.  This is just a simple Copy Paste rebuild.

D4U Additional Hosting Setup, & Email Setup Support

Need help with setting up your WordPress installation? Select this if you are unfamiliar with how to set up WordPress or need help with emails on your site after we finish the build. If this box isn’t checked, you will simply receive a WordPress file to upload to your WordPress Installation. This is a FREE Option for Snapps websites.

Additional New Pages w/ 500 Words of Content

Please enter the # of additional NEW pages required beyond what already comes with your product. Keep in mind that each additional page comes with 500 words of content. This content can be used on other pages if needed. For example, if you order an additional page for a gallery, that content can be used on a different page.

Additional Content

Please enter the additional quantity of words needed beyond the word count that comes with your purchase.

Transfer Blogs and Do Redirects

We will transfer your existing blogs to your new site build and do redirects for those blogs to keep your current power to these blogs.

Additional Conversion Pages

Please enter the # of additional pages that you need converted beyond what already comes with your product. **This is for conversion sites only.**