The How-Tos Of Creating Your Own Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is one of the most prominent search results to date. I am pretty sure that you have seen the name before. 

If you are looking for random things, say, what is the oldest calendar? Wikipedia has the answer! 

To date, there are 56,728,976 total Wikipedia pages. You can find almost everything on Wikipedia. Name it, and they have it. 

How do we define Wikipedia?

It is different from other web pages because Wikipedia is user-generated, meaning users can add their own content, like pages, articles, or general knowledge.

Wikipedia is a free, web-based encyclopedia created by a group of individuals known as Wikipedians. Individuals who have registered on the site can create an article for publication. In addition, editing articles does not require registration.

Wikipedia first appeared on January 15, 2001. It is accessible in 329 different languages.

How do Wikipedia pages benefit businesses?

Wikipedia has an estimated two billion visitors monthly, making it among the most visited sites globally.

Thus, Wikipedia’s primary benefit to businesses is its large amount of audience.

Aside from size, there are a lot of ways where Wikipedia pages can affect your business.

A. Wikipedia can help gain more traffic to your web page.

Backlinks are important to search rankings, according to the majority of SEOs. You will be able to identify pages that are relevant to your audience once you become an active Wikipedia contributor and begin optimizing content.

Successfully driving traffic by finding relevant articles with broken links and missing citations, and then updating those pages with links to your site is a good strategy you may employ. Placing the correct links in the right places is also excellent in gaining backlinks and driving traffic to your website.

B. Wikipedia can enhance your brand’s credibility.

Building your own Wikipedia page can enhance your brand’s credibility. Wikipedia is a user-generated encyclopedia; thus, it is not the best platform if you are looking for scholarly articles. Still, people use Wikipedia as a source for the most random queries they have.

C. Wikipedia can help improve your brand’s online visibility.

As we have mentioned, Wikipedia has a large number of monthly visitors. Hence, it can help you in marketing your business.

Making your own Wikipedia page can help people know your brand: its history, location, services, and offers. It is a platform where you can reach more target audiences and future leads at a specific time.

All in all, having a Wikipedia page for your business is beneficial. But how do you make one?

How to Make Wikipedia Pages?

Publishing a Wikipedia page is no easy feat. It is not something you can accomplish with just a single click.

Step 1: Verify your brand’s eligibility.

The first thing you might want to check is whether you are eligible to make a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia states that for a company to be eligible, it must have verifiable evidence that the association or product has enticed the notice of reliable sources unrelated to the association or product.

Step 2: Sign Up for Wikipedia.

If you do not have an existing Wikipedia account, you need to make one. To create a Wikipedia account, you can go to their website and fill out the form.

The information needed includes username, password, and email.

Step 3: Make your contribution.

If you are new to Wikipedia, you must strive to build credibility. One excellent way to do so is through contributing content to existing pages.

The only drawback you will face here is that you really need to be patient. Submissions are reviewed individually so that the process may take at least three months. Good thing, though, if you reach ten edits on your account, you can bypass this waiting time. Editors may still edit or remove your content.

Step 4: Avoid redundancy.

There are millions of Wikipedia pages already published to date, and the chance of duplicating a web page is high. It is your responsibility to verify whether the web page you are planning to publish is unique.

Checking all the pages is impossible; what you can do to check is utilize the search bar. Search all the niches connected to your topic.

Step 5: Prepare your content.

This step is crucial. The initial thing you must do is to prepare the topic for your web page. Afterward, you can start researching.

Recognize your sources and include them in your content. Doing so will help readers build trust. In addition, sources can identify your page’s reliability.

Next, create a plan, outline, and draft for your webpage. This will serve as your guide as you go along with the creation.

Divide your information into bite-sized sections that can be linked directly via Wikipedia’s table of contents, which is available on every page.

Keep in mind that taking the wrong tone or boasting about your company can result in the removal of your page.

Your goal is to make unique, meticulous, competent, and valuable content that can answer searchers’ questions.

Step 6: Upload your article.

After careful planning, thoughtful writing, and waiting, it is time to upload your hard work.

Go to the Wikipedia Article Wizard; this will assist you in creating a new article. You must complete six sections before proceeding to the editing page. As one section is finished, the next becomes available.

Do not forget to include your resources here.

Step 7: Submit your article.

You have reached the last step: submitting your article.
A while ago, we mentioned that articles are subject to review. The review duration may take up to three months because every submission is reviewed manually by the editors.

You have to hold tight because your article may or may not be accepted. But if, by any chance, your article got rejected, it does not mean that it is not valuable. You have to make a few improvements until it is accepted.

It sounds discouraging and challenging because it is. Do not worry; your business will gain the benefits you are working hard for.

More Information

If you are an eligible and ‘notable’ business owner, you should definitely give Wikipedia pages a shot. It is not easy, but it will be worth your sweat and tears. You can generate more traffic and enhance overall online visibility with Wikipedia pages.

You can get your page accepted for publication if you follow Wikipedia’s guidelines and make sure your content is unique. chance

In conclusion, the benefits of Wikipedia Pages can outweigh the hardships you will go through during the process.

It is tough and high competition, but you must give it your best shot.