How To Utilize A Pinterest Business Account For Your Brand Growth?

Pinterest is a place for inspiration, do you agree? It is where we run to when we need ideas for literally everything! Home, fashion, food, or art? Name it; Pinterest has it!

What Is Pinterest?


Pinterest is an online platform that users can use to look for ideas like style, recipes, home, arts, and many more. It is free to use Pinterest.

Pinterest was founded in San Fransisco, California, USA, in March 2010.

Currently, Pinterest has 433 million monthly active users.

What Is Pinterest Business Account?

A personal account on Pinterest can only generate static and idea pins; however, business accounts can create all types of pins.

You can create boards and interact with other users on the platform using any account. However, you cannot check the analytics for your Pins with a personal Pinterest account.

If you want a business account on Pinterest, you might need to sign up for it.

What Are The Benefits Of Pinterest Business Accounts?

Say you already have an existing Pinterest Personal Account and are planning to sign up for a Business Account; what benefits will you get?

Pinterest Business Account can teach you how to maximize its platform for marketing your business.

Pinterest is not just about giving a platform where you can market your products or services. It is also about helping you maximize the platform they are offering.

Here, you can have access to insights, guidelines, and tips.

Pinterest Business Account has separate Terms of Service.

Since you are using a commercial account, ensure that you are reading the correct Terms of Service for it.

Some things included in the Terms of Service are:

Do not encourage spam by repeatedly requesting people to remark.
Never imply that Pinterest is supporting or endorsing your company.
Do not run a contest where each pin, repin, or like constitutes an entry
Asking pinners to vote with a repin or like is not permitted.
Do not run promotions, sweepstakes, and contests sparingly.

Pinterest Business Account offers Analytics.

As mentioned above, Pinterest Business Account offers analytics or metrics, which sets it apart from Pinterest Personal Account.

How To Create Effective And Relevant Pins On Your Pinterest Business Account?

Making pins is probably a thing you have been doing for a while now. But how can you make effective and relevant ones?

Make sure that your Pins are searchable.

You are trying to reach out to as many people as you can. Making sure that your Pins are searchable is the only way to ensure that people will see them.

Always know the trend.

Always keep up with the trend. Understanding which Pinterest boards are the most prevalent will help you determine which boards are best for your company.

Know your audience.

It’s true; you’ve probably already heard it a hundred times. It is crucial.

76.7 percent of Pinterest users are women, and only 15.3 percent of the audience are male consumers. Make sure that your marketing strategy aligns with your target audience.

Do not just join the trend. Make sure to create pins that are relevant to what your company offers.

Use high-quality images.

You know that Pinterest is a visual social media platform, right? Using high-quality images is essential.

How To Accumulate More Pinterest Followers?

You are using Pinterest Business Account for marketing. You are doing this to achieve brand growth. Essentially, your objective is to make many people know your company. It is making your online presence noisier. Because the noisier it is, the more people will notice.

Tips on how to accumulate more followers.

Be consistent.

Ideally, you should pin five to thirty new things on Pinterest each day to increase your following. Make sure you are creating original pins with your own content, as well as sharing other people’s content on Pinterest.

The thing is, you should not pin all thirty of the new pins in under five minutes to avoid a massive Pinterest gaffe. One of the perks of a business account is the ability to schedule pins. Use this feature. Pin frequently during the day using the schedule feature, so you do not have to go back in front of your computer every time you need to pin.

Talk to your audience.

People love it when businesses reply to them. Talking to them one by one is a plus! They love it when they feel special. Please give them the treatment they deserve. If more people see this, they, for sure, will click the follow button!

Do not limit yourself to replying to comments; you can also leave comments on your followers’ pins. The more engagements you will make, the more people you can attract.

Engage with famous boards.

Famous boards mean that a lot of people are pinning from there. If you are engaging yourself and your business in these types of boards, more people will be aware of your existence.

But do not just engage on any famous board; make sure that it is relevant to your business.

Additionally, you can use these famous companies as tools to learn effective marketing strategies. Work smart.

How To Market Your Brand Effectively?

It has been mentioned many times that you are using Pinterest Business Account for promotion.

How do you promote your brand effectively?

By using Rich Pins

Have you heard about them? Rich Pins come in three varieties: recipe, article, and product, each with its own sequence of significant benefits that will increase engagement and drive traffic to your website. They are chock-full of practical, traffic-generating information, and they are currently the best direct strategy for increasing your sales on Pinterest.

Once you adapt Rich Pins, you will start receiving essential information updated on your pins. You can also learn more strategies to direct people to your site because your Rich Pins will be linked to your site.

By creating unique content

If your content is static and unchanging, you will lose the interest of your followers and your chances of gaining new ones.

People online tend to get bored quickly. How can you successfully make your content stand out in a world full of exciting content?

You can create content that will stand out by constantly making unique ones. Always know what the trend is. Make quality content that your audience and future leads will enjoy and remember for a long time.

In addition, it is also important to sustain seasonal and relevant content. Another method for keeping your content fresh is to capitalize on holidays, seasons, and events.

By inserting the link to your company’s website

The link to your website will drive more traffic to your website. What does more traffic mean? It means more potential customers; this is precisely what you aim for.

Should You Sign Up For Pinterest Business Account?

You know your business better than I do; that is why I laid out all the information you need so I can help you decide.

All in all, Pinterest Business Analytics data can help you formulate successful marketing strategies in the future.

If you implement the strategies I have tipped you here and learn from the engagement you receive, your Pinterest for Business account will continue to improve, for sure.