White Labeled D4U Agency Site

Your Agency website is an important part of your SEO agency’s image. These sites are designed to showcase the services you provide and show off your skills in web design. So put your best foot forward and order yours today.

We offer fully optimized website builds in  Snapps or WordPress (Elementor or Divi). All builds come with On-Page SEO including meta data, and meta descriptions, 4,500 words of key rich content provided by Text Emporium. These simple sites are designed to help you convert site traffic into leads.  

What to Expect

What we Need from you

We need a spreadsheet or doc showing your page layout with the keywords that you want on each page.  If you want us to pick your H-Tags then please include KD (keyword difficulty) & Volume from Ahrefs for each keyword. If you need more content, service or location pages you will be prompted at check out to add those items.
Check out this Sample Order Document

D4U Agency Site
$ 699

Authority Sites With

9 Pages of Content (4500 words) 
Home Page – 1000 Words
6 Service Pages – 500 Words
About Us – 250 Words
Contact Us – 250 Words

Aesthetic Icons Images based on your niche

On-Page SEO, including Meta Titles, Descriptions, and Intrapage Linking.

3-4 Week Turn Around from the day you submit your order form.
***Yes you can proceed to submit for GMB and Citations during this time and do not need to wait until the site is complete***
***Please note that the project includes 4,500 words total so if you only have 3 services for example the you can move those words to another page.***

Most build can be completed in 3-4 weeks from the date the order form and all information is received.  There may be times that it takes a bit longer due to high demand. 

We teach 0-3 KD (Keyword Difficulty and no more than 5 KD for Lead Gens otherwise it gets too expensive to rank them.  There are exceptions. If this is a business you own or it is a high ticket niche or service then higher KD’s can be worth pursuing. 

For Lead Gens we offer fully optimized website builds in  Snapps or WordPress (Elementor)