Boosting SEO Through Video Transcripts

Search engine optimization involves improving a website to make it rank higher on search engines’ result pages; this is the basic. SEO strategies include using appropriate keywords, optimizing pages, and building backlinks.

This blog will discuss boosting SEO by equipping videos with transcripts.

What is a Video Transcript?

Transcripts are an immediate and straightforward way to make captions. . They incorporate the text of what the video says. Individuals can enter a transcript directly into their video or create a separate transcript file. Transcripts work best with videos under an hour long with great audio quality and clear discourse.

The said technique has been discovered to improve your search engine optimization. You can use video transcripts to optimize your SEO.

Types of Transcription

Edited Transcription

Edited transcription is the process of formalizing and editing a complete, precise script for comprehension, preciseness, and conciseness. Edited transcription corrects grammatical mistakes, colloquialisms, and sentence fragments. Edited transcription, also known as clean verbatim transcription, is frequently used by transcription services. It is dedicated to keeping the meaning of a text, just like verbatim transcription. A decent edited transcription will not rephrase or change the message in any way. It does not, however, aim to capture the speaker’s communication style. Stuttering, filler words, and useless nonverbal communication are generally bypassed.

Verbatim Transcription

This is one of the most comprehensive types of transcription available. It is also known as true verbatim or strict verbatim transcription. It intends to record all filler words, pauses, and nonverbal communication contained in the video, as well as all of the speaker’s words. As a result, verbatim transcripts are typically lengthy and highly detailed.

Intelligent Transcription

Automatic verbatim transcription
Intelligent verbatim transcription removes unnecessary fillers and repetitions from the spoken word. The goal is to provide a more precise, comprehensible transcript while remaining true to the speakers and the intended meaning of the participants. Intelligent transcription seeks to convey the meaning of the speech in the most normal way possible rather than holding tight entirely to the speech as it was uttered. This can include extracting repetitive phrases and sentences and grammatical reorganizations of what was said.

How to Transcribe Videos?

You may opt to do manual transcription, where you will be the one to type every uttered word in your videos. While this is the cheapest option, it can be very time-consuming. You must do all the manual labor: typing, editing, and checking for errors.

In place of manual transcription, you can use mobile apps, Google’s automatic captioning feature, dictation software, speech-to-text software, free transcription tools, or hire transcription companies.

How SEO Benefits From Video Transcripts?

Video transcripts can boost your SEO and are a good SEO tactic for you and your brand.

A. Transcripts attract audiences.

If your videos have transcription, chances are, people will watch. Transcripts are significantly beneficial to audiences with hearing impairments.

Having said that, if your video is accessed by a wider audience, your site or page will benefit. You will gain more organic traffic.

B. Transcripts help in indexation.

Indexation refers to the method by which search engines organize information prior to a search in order to provide lightning-fast responses to users’ queries. Search engines would have to crawl individual pages for keywords and topics in order to find relevant information.

Search engines will not recognize what keywords are related to your company if they are not indexed. Hence, clients may be unable to locate you through related keyword searches; this is why getting a new or updated site indexed is one of the initial things any good SEO company will do.

Include transcripts because they make it possible for search engines to crawl your video content and contextualize the information you are transmitting. Transcripts contain significant keywords and phrases that you can utilize to optimize your videos and your search engine ranking.

Tips on Boosting Your SEO Through Video Transcripts

You can make the most of your web video content by using video transcripts as a component of your overall SEO tactic to reach more people. Supplying video transcripts can help your SEO in various ways, including assisting search engines in indexing your site, ramping up your ranking, and offering link-building opportunities.

Video transcripts, in addition, do so much more than grant your site a good SEO boost: they also provide better accessibility for individuals with hearing impairments and those who prefer watching content without volume.

Knowing how transcripts help you boost your SEO is not enough. You must learn how to do it properly.

A. Keywords should be placed at the beginning of sentences if possible.

B. Always check the accuracy of your transcripts.

C. Avoid stuffing keywords in your context to boost your SEO. Google can detect this and may penalize you. In addition, your transcript may not be accurate and may look spammy and unnatural.

D. Always use relevant keywords.